Mitchell Starc and Marsh :)

Mitchell Starc and Marsh 🙂

massive soft spot for Starc as he also played for Yorkshire the first year we were good at T20s (there was one other year), big fan of his bowling too, just loving your bowling mate

Marsh always seems like one of those bits and pieces players to me honestly though he does seem to have a knack of delivering against England so should not judge! 


Bowled out once for under a hundred? You can say it’s a fluke – the bowlers were inspired, the batsmen just had a bad day all around. 

Bowled out like that three times in a year? Yeah that’s a habit, and you need to seriously buck up. 

You can have a positive and attacking mindset in test matches, absolutely. When England were number one, they had Pietersen, they had Prior. They also had Trott and Cook, the apparent ‘blockers’. You need the blend. Most of all you need the mindset, the adaptability. You can go on the attack, but you’re more likely to have success when you already have runs on the board in the first place.