one thing i love about star wars is that even though the clone wars makes a legitimately good and admirable effort to really get across how huge and expansive the galaxy is and how many different unrelated but still important conflicts are going on at once, the Vast and Swarming criminal underworld of the entire galaxy is apparently still just like the same seven people who all know each other, have all (excluding boba) probably dated each other in varying configurations, and who collaborate on all of the same crimes. and our heroes 100% know this and are completely nonplussed by it

Padme or whoever: Oh no the Senate has uncovered a nefarious criminal plot to do some shady and bad stuff and we don’t know who is behind it

The Jedi: Oh shit ok hold on one moment let us consult our vast criminal database for clues 


Help you, we cannot. Literally anybody, it could be

I’d like to know how Hondo did that 0.65 nefarious incident.

oh that’s just for having fun and being himself 

The partial score is because he sometimes switches from nefarious to helpful mid-incident.  The Jedi are scrupulously fair about this sort of thing, and award partial credit for the times when he helps solve the problem, even if he was the one who created the problem in the first place.

“Here is the deal, Captain. For every full month you manage to go without kidnapping anyone we like, we will put one (1) gold star on your record. Every three gold stars can be redeemed for a special prize* at the end of the fiscal quarter, delivered by Master Kenobi. You will be awarded a bonus half a star if you resist the urge to kidnap him mid-delivery.“ – Official missive sent to Florrum, signed by entire Jedi Council

* i.e. space drugs